Version: 1.3.14

Enterprise Console

Learn how to configure and access your Certifai Enterprise remote Console.

Certifai Enterprise Console Access

The Certifai Enterprise Console is accessed through a URL that is provided by your system administrator.

Certifai Enterprise Console functionality

The Enterprise Console has all of the same functionality and navigation as described the Toolkit local Console in addition to the following features that are specific to the Enterprise edition Console:

  • Scan Manager: A configuration wizard used to configure Use Cases and run scans

  • Scan Reports Viewer: A visualization tool that displays the reports and results for scans that have been run

  • Risk Assessment Questionnaire: A questionnaire used to configure the assessment of risk levels associated with your models and data

  • Policy Select: A configuration tool used to define and apply a trust scanning policy containing the technical controls implemented by Certifai

  • Questionnaire Manager: Used to manage your Risk questionnaires

  • A landing page and dropdown menu from which you can access:

    • Scan Manager
    • Scan Viewer
    • Risk Assessment Questionnaire
    • Questionnaire Manager
    • Policy Select

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  • A HELP menu (in Scan Viewer) that provides access to:

    • The cortex-certifai-examples GitHub repo
    • The Cortex Certifai Documentation website
    • White papers
    • Python Notebooks
    • Toolkit download

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