Version: 1.3.14

Example Reports Setup

Follow this process to push the example reports included in the toolkit to an object store to be viewed in the remote Certifai Console.


The following information is provided by your administrator and based on the storage parameters configured in your Cortex Certifai instance.

  • Certifai Console URL and login credentials. This is dependent on the Cortex Certifai instance configuration on your cluster.
  • Either the Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob storage, or S3 compatible storage account information where Cortex Certifai scan results are stored
  • Download the Certifai toolkit to get the sample reports


  1. Extract the toolkit into the current working directory


    NOTE: You may want to use an alternative to unzip if you're not on a Unix based OS.

  2. The sample reports are located in the examples/reports/ folder. Upload this folder to the cloud storage account configured with your Certifai Enterprise instance and whose credentials have been provided to you by your administrator.

  1. Verify the sample reports are viewable within your remote console.
  • Navigate to the remote Certifai Console; you may have to login depending on your Cortex Certifai instance configuration.

  • You should see at least six Model Use Cases in the remote Certifai Console:

    Certifai Console Sample Report

  • If you see an error message or don't see the sample reports, as in the image above, then verify you correctly uploaded the sample reports to the cloud storage account configured with your Certifai Enterprise instance.

    Certifai Console No Reports Found

Next Steps

Run remote scans on your own ML models and view the report visualizations in your remote Console.