Version: 1.3.14

GitHub Integration

Follow this process to setup GitHub integration in Cortex Certifai.

Github OAuth setup and configuration

  1. Go to Github Developer Settings
  2. Click New OAuth app
  3. Enter the requested information (Homepage and Callback URL fields can be updated after you instantiate the Dex server on this installation)
  4. Register this application and make note of the Client ID and Client Secret fields, which are entered into spec.dex.connector.client-id and spec.dex.connector.client-secret of the certifai-cr.yaml
  5. Apply certifai-cr.yaml to the namespace you created in the configuration section using
    kubectl apply -f certifai-cr.yaml -n <your_namespace>
  6. Copy the script described in Certificate Generation and execute it by running:
    ./ <your_namespace>
    Where your_namespace is replaced with the namespace selected in the configuration section.
  7. Get the IP address of the Dex ingress using:
    kubectl get ing dex -n <your_namespace>
    and update the authorization callback URL in the OAuth app settings.

If you have a Github Teams plan and you're not an owner/admin, you'll need help from your organization's Github administrator to configure these applications correctly. Read the official Github docs for more information about OAuth apps and organizations.