Version: 1.3.14

Download Certifai Toolkit

The Certifai Toolkit is a free set of tools for scanning models. It can be used locally and with the two server-based Certifai Editions, Pro and Enterprise. The toolkit includes the following:

  • Reference Model server - serves the reference models provided to help you get started with Certifai
  • Certifai CLI - tool for inputing scan definitions locally or remotely
  • Client library/API - methods that run the scans when you are working in notebooks
  • Certifai Console - UI for visualizing scan results locally

Obtain Certifai Toolkit

  • Download the Toolkit .zip file to your local drive.

    • Pro and Enterprise Editions: If you have either Certifai Pro or Enterprise, you can download the Toolkit from the Certifai Console Help menu that is provided in those Editions.
    • Toolkit Edition: You can signup for free use of the Certifai Toolkit on our CognitiveScale website. A download link will be provided in the confirmation email.

Unzip Certifai Toolkit

  1. Make a directory to work in (e.g. certifai).

    • Mac/Linux users:

      mkdir certifai
    • Windows PowerShell users : Be sure to create the directory somewhere that you have access if you are not running PowerShell as an Administrator.

      md c:\<current-location>\certifai
  2. Unzip the package into it.

    • Mac/Linux users:

      unzip -d certifai
    • Windows PowerShell users Unzip the files to the directory you created in step 5:

      Expand-Archive -LiteralPath -DestinationPath certifai -Force

      NOTE: If a exists, it will be overwritten automatically.

  3. Go into the folder you created where you unzipped to view the file contents.

    cd <folder-where-you-unzipped-certifai_toolkit>


    cd certifai

Toolkit contents

The Toolkit includes the following:

  • examples folder: The following folders are contained in this folder.
    • datasets: These .csv files can be used to define and generate sample scans.
    • definitions: These .yaml files can be run as sample scans to view console reports or used as templates to define your own scans.
    • notebooks: The Jupyter notebooks are used to get started defining and viewing scans using notebooks for different activities. A ReadMe file with instructions for using the notebooks is included.
    • reports: is used in this tutorial to view sample scan reports in the Console without having to define and run a scan.
  • packages folder: contains a number of .zip packages that install the toolkit components.
  • reference_models folder: contains the package that installs the reference model server component.
  • license.txt file: provides a copy of the Certifai license agreement.
  • requirements.txt file: specifies the python packages dependencies for using the Jupyter notebooks for Banking: loan approval (german credit) example model use case.

Next steps