Version: 1.3.14

Install Certifai reference model package


Install Certifai reference model package

  1. Create a virtual environment

    conda create -n certifai-reference-models python=3.6
  2. Activate the environment

    conda activate certifai-reference-models
  3. From the folder where you installed the Certifai Toolkit, install the reference model package

    MAC or Linux users:

    pip install reference_models/packages/*

    Windows PowerShell users:

    Get-ChildItem .\reference_models/packages\*.zip | ForEach-Object -Process { pip install $_ }
  4. Verify that the Certifai Reference Model packages have been installed by starting the Server.

  • If you are asked to allow an external connection, click 'Deny' as the models only need to be available locally.

  • The output is similar to the example below:

    Adding route: /heart_disease_rf/predict using function certifaiReferenceModelServer.healthcare_heart_disease_prediction.randomForest.predict:predict_heart_disease_rf


Use the reference models to run example scans.