Version: 6.3.3

Export Artifacts for CI/CD Pipeline Integration

This is a guide to exporting Fabric artifacts for integration with a CI/CD Pipeline.

The CLI cortex deploy <option> <identifier> command is used to export a bill-of-materials (BOM) for the following deployable artifacts to an external repository that may be integrated with a CI/CD Pipeline:

  • Agent Snapshots (snapshotId1 snapshotId2 snapshotId3)
  • Campaign (campaignName)
  • Model Experiment (experimentName runId)
  • Skill (skillName)
  • Connection (connectionName)

Export artifacts

For the purpose of the example a Skill is exported, but the command is similar for all artifacts.


  • Obtain identifier for the artifact you wish to export.
  • Set your terminal context (cd) to the location (repo) where you wish to save the artifact BOM upon export.


  1. Run the following command:

    cortex deploy skill mySkillName --project myProjectName
  2. A bill-of-materials that comprise the Skill, a list of dependencies, and the manifest file (fabric.yaml) is packaged and a message is displayed:

    Successfully exported {"experiment":"gc_dtree_exp","model":"german-credit-model","run":"eb10t3j"} in .fabric and updated manifest file fabric.yaml

    The artifact's BOM, dependencies list, and manifest file are exported to your current folder. In the next step you import this content to an external location like a GitHub repository.

  3. For this step Git is used by way of example. Follow whatever process you normally use to add content to your repo.

    Import the bill-of-materials of the artifact to a repository where it can be accessed by CI/CD pipeline.

    Setup a GitHub repo and set your context there. Clone the folder containing the BOM from the location where it was exported.

    mkdir myRepo && cd myRepo && git init || git clone <from.export.location/mySkillName> && cd myRepo

    Next, add and commit the new content as you normally would.

    git add . && git commit -m '....'