Version: 6.3.3

Monitor Agents

This is a guide to viewing and managing agents.

Agents are the main executable entity of an AI system.

In the Console, users can build, view, deploy, invoke, and manage Agents for projects/resources they have access to.

View agents list

  1. Select your project.
  2. In the left navigation panel click Agents.

A list of the Agents that have been created for the selected Project is displayed in a table with the Agent title (human-readable name given to the Agent upon creation), the Agent system name and the last-modified timestamp.

Click the Agent name to open the Agent Composer, an authoring page where you can view a visualization of the components of the Agent, make changes to the Agent composition, configure and map services, and run Agent services to test or train an Agent.

Use the search feature above the table to find Agents in your list.

Other Agent controls

Above the Agents list are additional monitoring tabs:

At the top right click Create Agent to open the dialog where you define new agent metadata.

View Agent properties

From the Agent list click the kebab menu at the end of the row for the Agent whose details you want to view. Then click "View Metadata".

Select a snapshot from the dropdown to view the details of the Agent snapshot. By default the tip or latest version is selected.

Agent metadata includes:

  • Agent Information: Name, Description, Categories, and Version.

  • Composition: Resources in the Agent: including Inputs, Skills, and Outputs

Delete Agents

You can delete Agents from the Agent list, but keep in mind that when you delete an Agent, it is removed from the Project, and it cannot be retrieved.

  1. From the Agent list click the kebab menu at the end of the row for the Agent you want to delete.
  2. Click "Delete".
  3. Click "Confirm" in the verification message.

You cannot delete agents that are locked.

Using the Fabric CLI to monitor Agents

For CLI options go to the CLI Reference Guide.

NOTE: Use options --project projectName or --profile profileName to access Agents in specific projects with a specific access profile.

List Agents

To view a list of Agents created in your project run:

cortex agents list --project projectName

Agent names returned can used to drill down to specific agent information such as:

  • List snapshots for a particular Agent (returns snapshot IDs).

    cortex agents list-snapshots agentName
  • Using the Snapshot ID you can list the activations for a particular snapshot. (returns activation IDs).

    cortex agents list-activations snapshotId --project projectName
  • Get a list of service activations for a particular Agent. Agent and Service names are required to invoke agents.

    cortex agents get-activation activationID

Get Agent Details

To view the definition details for a particular Agent run:

cortex agents describe <agentName> --project projectName