Version: 6.3.3

Manage Projects

Cortex Projects organize and isolate assets in the Cortex Fabric system. A Project contains:

  • Campaigns
  • Agents
  • Skills
  • Connections and Data Sources
  • Profiles

Access to Projects

Only administrators can create projects. The "Create Project" button and dialog are not displayed for other user roles.

Only users who have been granted access to a Project by an Administrator are able to access the components of the Project.

From the CLI, Cortex Python libraries, and Fabric APIs user's must specify a project context in order to run commands.

Projects in Console

When you login to Cortex, a cached project name (the last project visited in the browser) is displayed in a box/button at the top of the left panel.

To view a list of projects that you have been granted access to click the project button. A modal where projects are listed and managed is displayed. In the modal you may:

  • Select a Project from the list by clicking the Project name
  • Create a new Project by clicking the Add Project button (above the list, top right)
  • Delete Projects (from the vertical ellipsis menu on the right of each row)
  • Edit Project metadata (from the vertical ellipsis menu on the right of each row))

All Console content except Assessments, Dashboard, and Settings are Project scoped.

Projects in the CLI

When you use the CLI you must set a project context for most commands. You can either set a project context when you authenticate or append commands with --project <project-name>

List projects

To obtain a list of projects the you have been granted access to:

cortex projects list

Returns the first 20 projects listed by default. To filter the Projects list use the list command options as described for Connections list.

EXAMPLE returned

│ Name │ Title │ Description │
│ Test2780export │ Test2780export │ To test FAB-2780 │
│ bob │ bob1 │ - │

Describe projects

The details of a Project are:

  • Project Name

  • Project Title

  • Project Description

To view the details of a specific project:

cortex projects describe <project-name>


cortex projects describe myProject

Create Projects

To create and save a new Project:

cortex projects save \
--name <project-name> \
--title <project-title> \
--description <description-of-your-project>


cortex projects save --name myProject --title "My Project" --description "This is my awesome project."

Delete Projects

Only Cortex Administrators can delete Projects.

Best practice is to perform an impact assessment before you delete a Project.

Make note of these artifacts; you must delete artifacts separately from deleting the Project.

cortex projects delete projectName

There is no verification prior to deletion.