Version: 6.3.3

Agent Synchronization

This is a guide to synchronizing Agents in Fabric.

Fabric Agents can be invoked synchronously using the Agent Invoke system-Skill and the correlationId parameter.

See synchronous-agent-invocation-example in Cortex Fabric Examples GitHub repo.

Set up Agents to invoke synchronously

  1. Configure the calling Agent, first Agent in the sequence (of two), with the "Agent Invoke" system-Skill. When you configure the Skill, you must set the following values:

    • Name of the Agent to be invoked (from)
    • Name of the output Service Message that is making the call to invoke


    • Calling Agent is named agent1calling.
    • The last Skill in the calling Agent is agent-invoke (the system-Skill).
    • The output Service Message connected to the agent-invoke Skill is named service-out.
    • Invoked Agent's first Skill is named hubblejob.
  2. Invoke calling Agent.

    cortex agents invoke agent1calling service-out --params '{"payload":{"text":"test"}}'


    "success": true,
    "activationId": "fdc05cde-e327-485c-8d04-1fbdc623de46"
  3. Query the correlationId and add the --report option to view details. (correlationId, requestId, and activationId are the same when system generated)

    cortex agents get-activations fdc05cde-e327-485c-8d04-1fbdc623de46 --report

    Response In the generated report, you can see that the agent-invoke system-skill (the last Skill in the calling Agent) was invoked, as was the output service connected to that Skill. The last item in the report is the first Skill in the second Agent, hubblejob which was invoked per the desired sequence.

    Status: COMPLETE
    Elapsed Time (ms): 20868
    │ Name │ Title │ Type │ Status │ Elapsed (ms) │
    │ agent-invoke │ Agent invoke │ skill │ COMPLETE │ 10413 │
    │ service-out │ Text │ output │ COMPLETE │ 2 │
    │ hubblejob │ Compute hubble data │ skill │ COMPLETED │ 10439 │

Use correlationId to view groups of invocations

You can query the correlationId to view groups of Agent invocations for troubleshooting issues.

For example, you can specify a correlationId when you invoke the calling Agent by passing it in as a parameter.

cortex agents invoke agent1calling service-out --params '{"payload":{"text":"test"},"correlationId":"test123"}'

The correlationId test123 is passed to the downstream invocations for this Agent and any other Agent that I pass the correlationId test123 into.

You can then query that correlationId to see the results for all Skills and Services that were invoked using the correlationId test123.

cortex agents list-activations --correlationId test123