Version: 6.3.3

Test Agents

After you have authored an Agent, you can test Agent execution.

To test your Agent:

  1. Click the "Run" icon (a right-facing arrow) at the top left of the Developer Tray (in the bottom section of the Design View).

  2. From the "Input" dropdown, select the service you want to test from a list of input services configured for the agent.

  3. For the "Message body", enter the values to use when testing the component. The values required are determined by the input type set for the input.

  4. Click Run.

  5. View the test output that is logged to the following tabs in the developer tray:

    • Replay: Displays a line graph of the time it took to execute each service in the top section, and at the bottom an expandable Trace Output is displayed, where you can inspect the input service data received by the Agent's Skills and the output service data produced by the Skills.
    • Debug: Displays the full input and output messages from the test run as a series of tasks as input data is consumed and processed by the Skills in the Agent, and output messages are generated and displayed.

Example Output

Request ID: e97e11d0-5c23-48bb-9bc3-8c79c4d5b04d
"eventType": "skill.input",
"agentName": "myAgent",
"skillName": "c12e/daemon-test",
"snapshotId": "tip-snapshot",
"refId": "3b907d71-24d0-4d80-9df5-xxx",
"input": "request",
"message": {
"agentName": "myAgent",
"channelId": "ee1d9250-97c6-429a-8db5-xxx",
"payload": {
"text": "hi"
"projectId": "myProject",
"requestId": "e97e11d0-5c23-48bb-9bc3-xxxx",
"sessionId": "b4368cd4-bf70-44b4-b94e-xxxx",
"timestamp": 1612887905787,
"properties": {},
"token": "xxx"
"timestamp": 1612887905797,
"requestId": "e97e11d0-5c23-48bb-9bc3-xxxx"