Version: 6.3.3

Profile Viewer

This is a guide to using the Fabric Console Profile Viewer.

The Profile Viewer is graphical visualization tool that allows you to see the Profile schema attributes as they have been applied to a Profile in Fabric.


  • Secrets and Connections have been configured.
  • Data Sources have been configured and data has been ingested.
  • At least one Profile Schema has been configured.
  • The status of the Profile Schema is COMPLETE. (The COMPLETE status indicates that the Profiles have been populated by ingesting data.)

Navigate to Profile Viewer

  1. Log in to Fabric Console.
  2. Verify that you have selected the desired Project context.
  3. Click Profiles in the left panel. The Profile Schemas list is displayed.
  4. Select the schema that that has the members and attributes you want to view.
  5. If the status is NOT COMPLETE, open the ellipsis menu on the top right of the item card by clicking it.
  6. Click Rebuild Profiles to ingest the data from the Data Source(s).
  7. When the status has changed from ACTIVE to COMPLETE, click the card to open the Attributes list. (Be patient; this may take a couple of minutes.)
  8. Click the Profiles tab under the Schema name to reveal the Profiles list. (Be patient; this may take a couple of minutes.)
  9. Click any Profile in the list to open the Profile Viewer.

Profile Viewer Features

The Profile Viewer is visualization tool used to examine individual profiles.

The left panel offers an Attribute Filter selection tool at the top and a Zoom feature at the bottom.

The center panel displays the Profile visualization with the attributes grouped by type.

The right panel, which can be hidden or displayed, provides a list view of all attributes by default, details about the group when one is selected, and attribute details when a single attribute is selected.

Default View

When the Profile Viewer opens, all Attribute Groups and Attributes are displayed. Click the Profile bubble to display the Attribute list panel on the right.

Profile Viewer default view

Attribute Filter

You can Filter the Viewer display by selecting one or more Attribute Groups or Data Sources in the top left panel.

Profile Viewer filter selection

Zoom in/out

Use the bottom left panel to zoom in on an Attribute Group or click on an Attribute group in the Viewer (center) panel.

Profile Viewer zoom tool

Select an Attribute Group

Attribute Groups can be used to filter the Viewer display. Clicking on the center bubble of an Attribute Group zooms in on the display and opens a list of Attributes for the Group in the right panel.

Profile Viewer attribute groups

Select an Attribute

Click an Attribute in the Viewer to see the Attribute value popup and to display the Attribute details in the right panel. Click an Attribute in the Attribute list view of the right panel to see the Attribute details displayed in the panel.

Profile Viewer select attribute