Version: 6.3.3

Cortex Profiles SDK

This is page provides an introduction to the Profiles SDK and links to the examples and documentation for this tool.

The Cortex Profiles SDK is collection of Java/Kotlin libraries, examples, and templates for utilizing Cortex Fabric to build Profiles and ingest profile data in a Spark-based environment, either on a local instance or in a Cortex Fabric Cluster.

The core of the Profiles SDK is a library that exposes an interface to Cortex for utilizing Spark for custom processing of Profile related data. The entry-point to the Profiles SDK is the CortexSession, a session based API around Spark and the SparkSession. The Profiles SDK provides:

  • An extensible dependency injected platform that allows for process, module, and environment (local vs in Cortex cluster) specific configuration
  • Access to Cortex Catalog
  • Access to Cortex Backend Storage (e.g. Managed Content and Profiles)
  • Configurable provider for Cortex Secrets
  • Stream and batch processing support for Cortex Connections
  • Access to Cortex Fabric job flows for ingesting Data Sources and building Profiles
  • Spark property-based configuration options
  • A Cortex Skill Template with a spark-submit based launcher

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