Version: 6.3.3

Import-Export Campaigns

This page provides instructions and best practices for exporting campaigns from one Project and importing them to another.

Only Administrators can import and export campaigns.

Campaigns must be in a DEPLOYABLE state to be exported. This means that they have been configured completely and have undergone simulation and refinement processes.

Export a Campaign

  1. Authenticate to Cortex Fabric Console, select the Project that has the campaign you want to export, and click Campaigns.
  2. Make note of the name of the campaign you wish to export.
  3. Open a terminal and set your context to wherever you want the exported file saved.
  4. Authenticate to the CLI
  5. Run the following CLI command
    cortex campaigns export <campaignName> --o <name-to-give-export-file>

An .amp file (a zip file with all campaign assets) is saved to the location specified.

Import a Campaign

  1. Open a terminal, authenticate to Cortex and set your context to the project or another Cortex environment you want the campaign to be imported into.

  2. Import the campaign to that project or another environment using Fabric CLI:

    cortex campaigns import <campaignExportFilepath> --project <projectName>
  3. Create secrets required by the Campaign connections. (Secrets are not exported as part of this feature, so they must be added separately.)

  4. Authenticate to Fabric Console and select the Project you imported the Campaign to

  5. Click Connections.

  6. Verify that imported connections are updated with the Secrets created in step 3 above.

  7. Click Campaigns.

  8. From the Data Sources list page, for each data source imported for this campaign, open the kebab menu and select Refresh Data Source.

  9. From the Profile Schemas list page, for each profile schema imported for this campaign, open the kebab menu and select Rebuild Profiles.

  10. Make sure there are no errors in re-ingesting Data Sources and profiles. The status is displayed on the list card.

  11. Run simulation using the imported campaign using the Mission intervention

Other import Campaign CLI options

Add the following options to the import command to achieve the described results.

--listdisplays a list of campaigns for the project
--describedisplays the details of the campaign named in the command parameters