Version: 6.3.3

Cortex Fabric Examples

This is an introduction to the cortex-fabric-examples repo.

What is the Examples Repo?

Another tool in the Fabric suite that will help you get started with actions, skills, and agents is the cortex-fabric-examples public GitHub repo.

This repo holds sample code that you can use as templates for your own use cases.

Examples Repo Contents

Each folder in the repository contains a standalone example consisting of:

  • Agents
  • Skills
  • Actions/Docker images
  • Sample Data
  • Scripts
  • APIs


APIExamplesJSONPostman collection and environment files
HelloWorldDaemonPythonA simple agent with a single flask app
JobChainingPythonAn agent with two jobs: one generating a data file, and the second job consuming a generated file. The jobs use managed content for read/write file content.
JobWebhookPythonAn agent with two jobs: one generating messages, and the second job POSTing the payload to a webhook. The jobs use skill properties.