Version: 6.3.3

Onboarding Guide

This guide provides the steps to getting started with Cortex Fabric.

Understanding Fabric

Before you begin the onboarding activities, familiarize yourself with the use cases, components, and tools provided by Cortex Fabric in the Introduction section of this documentation.

To read-up on general concepts and components you'll encounter in Cortex Fabric, follow the links below.

Complete Installation

This guide assumes that Cortex Fabric has already been installed on the Cloud Provider of your choice. For details about the installation process go to the Helm Chart Installation and Configuration Guide.

Onboarding Activities

The user assigned the Cortex Administrator role during Fabric Installation must complete the following onboarding process before users with other roles.

  1. Verify that you have access by going to your dedicated instance Fabric URL: https://api.<dci-base-domain>.

  2. The Console Login page is displayed. Use your organization's credentials to authenticate to the Fabric Console.

  3. Obtain/Save your Personal Access Token: Click the Settings icon at the top right beside your user icon and click Copy Token or Download. You will need this token to authenticate to the CLI, Python Lib, and API.

  4. Install the Cortex Tools and dependencies, including:

    • NVM (recommended)
    • NPM (node v16.x required)
    • Docker
    • Fabric CLI
    • Cortex-python Library

    NOTE: Instructions for the complete installations can be found at the link above.

  5. Authenticate to the CLI where you may optionally set a default project and/or create user profiles.

  6. CORTEX ADMINISTRATOR: Create one or more Projects using the Console or CLI.

  7. CORTEX ADMINISTRATOR: Add Users to Fabric.

  8. CORTEX ADMINISTRATOR: Assign each User to at least one Project.

  9. You are now ready to:

Cortex Fabric URL

The URL for your dedicated Cortex instance is: https://api.<dci-base-domain>.

Use this URL to access the Fabric Console, a web-based interface where you configure Connections, Data Sources, Profiles, Secrets, Models, Skills, Agents, and Campaigns.

You will also use this URL to access Fabric APIs .


For details about authentication go to the following pages:

  • Use Console: Provides instructions for logging in to Console and obtaining your personal access token, which is required for all other authentication.
  • Use CLI: Provides instructions for authenticating to the CLI as well as other basic CLI commands.
  • Access API: Provides instructions for authenticating to Cortex APIs.
  • Authenticate to Libraries: Provides instructions for authenticating to the Cortex Python Libraries.