Version: 6.3.3

Managed Content

This is a guide to uploading, downloading, and working with managed content in Fabric using the CLI and the cortex-python library.

Cortex managed content is used to store and retrieve data files for testing, training, and storing the output of Skills and Agents.

By default Cortex uses s3/Minio as its object storage backend. This is configured during DCI/cluster setup.

Use Cortex CLI for Managed Content


Install Cortex CLI.

Upload files

To upload files to your Cortex Managed Content in S3/Minio from your local drive:

In the context of your project (add --project <projectName> to the end of the command) run:

cortex content upload <contentKey> <local_filepath>

Where <contentKey> is the folder/filename of the S3/Minio destination, and local_filepath is the path to the file source in your local directory.

Additional command options:

  • --contentType: Sets the content-type or MIME type of the content (default = application/octet-stream)
  • --progress: Shows upload progress


cortex content upload myContent/exampleTrain.csv /projects/myProject/exampleTrain.json --content-type text/json

Download files

To download files from Managed Content in S3/Minio to your local working directory:

In the context of your project (or add --project <projectName> to the end of the command)run:

cortex content download <contentKey>

Where <contentKey> is the folder/filename in S3/Minio.


cortex content download myContent/exampleTrain.json