Version: 6.3.3

Cortex APIs

This page provides links to reference documentation for the Cortex Fabric APIs, including the REST API and the GraphQL API.

See the Access page for information about how to authenticate when calling these APIs.


To make API requests, you need the following:

  • A JWT token, required for all requests
  • The API URL for your Cortex Fabric cluster: https://api.{dci-base-domain}
  • The projectId for the project you want to access


With the GraphQL API you can:

  • Query Campaign-related assets, like Goals, KPIs, Cohorts, and Missions

GraphQL API Reference Documentation >>

Profiles SDK API

With the Profiles SDK you can build Profiles with complex configurations, manage schemas, and ingest data.

Profiles SDK API Reference


Cortex Fabric REST API Reference Documentation >>

With the REST API you can:

  • Develop custom Actions
  • Retrieve Connection details for use in actions
  • Read and write Profile data
  • Read and write Model Experiments
  • Manage Agent definitions in your Catalog
  • Invoke Agents and obtain results
  • Manage Authentication and Authorization including: users, groups, tokens, resources, and secrets