Version: 6.3.3

Cortex Service Descriptions

The table below describes the services that make up a Cortex deployment.

cortex-accountsManages secrets, roles/grants, service users and accounts, and docker registry authorization
cortex-apiManages graphql apis for Campaign development
cortex-authManages single sign-on to Cortex
cortex-catalogRegistry for agents, skills, types, connections, Data Sources, profiles, and campaigns.
cortex-connectionsStores custom data connections and Fabric managed content configuration parameters and properties
cortex-consoleManages Cortex Fabric Console functionality
cortex-modelsStores and manages models, model experiments, and experiment runs in Fabric
cortex-operatorCortex runtime and deployment, includes skills, agents, actions
cortex-processor-gatewayOrchestrates actions at runtime
dexAn identity service provider used by the cortex-auth service to map user identities and group associations from a system of record to Fabric roles.
mongodbA noSQL database used by Cortex services; Mongo provides a persistent data store, Cortex Catalog, where the information and metadata pertaining to resource definitions (Agents, Skills, Campaigns, and Missions) is stored.
redisA distributed in-memory key-value database. In Fabric Redis is used as a caching layer that stores short term runtime data; it serves as a quick lookup for Cortex job statuses, handler for agent invocation states, manager of sessions, and handler for authorization policies data.
s3-compatible-object-storeProvides object storage for Fabric managed content for the connections service; Minio is configured by default.