Version: 1.3.14

Run Prediction Service

This page provides instructions for running the Scan Manager Prediction Service for Certifai Enterprise.

Scan Manager is an interface that assists users in configuring use cases, models, datasets and scan options that run in Certifai.


  • Scan Manager setup is complete.
  • For H2O Mojo: Your model .mojo file and H2O license are placed at the locations defined in environment.yml file.
  • For Python: Your model .pkl file is placed at the respective location defined in environment.yml file.
  • For R: Your model .rds file is either placed at model/model.rds or your cloud storage and model path is configured in environment.yml.

Run Prediction Service for Testing

Run the following command, which calls the Docker image using environment variables from the environment.yml.:

./generated-container-model/ run

This command creates a Docker container running locally, with the prediction service exposed on port 8551.


If you get an error such as: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'model/pipeline.mojo', make sure you have configured the path to cloud storage and pushed your model to that location.

Test Scan Manager

Make a request to with the respective parameters, or use Certifai to test the endpoint against a scan definition certifai definition-test -f scan_def.yaml