Version: 1.3.14

Access Scan Viewer Console

Learn how to access the Certifai Console to view scan results locally.

Visualizations for scan results are generated from your scans that have been defined and run locally in:

  • Certifai CLI
  • Python notebooks (using Certifai libraries)
  • Text editors (using the .yaml template)
  • The pre-run scan reports available in the toolkit

To view scans that have been run remotely, go to the remote Certifai Console URL provided by your administrator.


Open the local Certifai Console

  1. Activate the certifai conda environment

    conda activate certifai
  2. In your terminal go to the directory where you downloaded your toolkit.

    cd certifai_toolkit
  3. Start the local Certifai Console using the following command

    Use the following command to start the Console:

    certifai console <path to reports directory>

    Sample Reports Example (displays the sample reports provided with the Certifai Toolkit):

    certifai console examples/reports
  4. The Console is available at: http://localhost:8000. Copy this URL into a browser to view your scan result visualizations.

Using an environment variable to automate where reports are read from

Optionally you may invoke the console without specifying a path to the reports directory, in which case the console will display reports from a location given by the SCAN_RESULTS_DIRECTORY environment variable

Environment Variables for Windows Powershell Users

The SCAN_RESULTS_DIRECTORY environment variable accepts unix style paths. So, if you want to store scan results in a Windows directory folder1\folder2\reports, you should set SCAN_RESULTS_DIRECTORY=folder1/folder2/reports

Set the environment variables. Double quote paths if they contain any spaces.

$env:SCAN_RESULTS_DIRECTORY="./examples/reports"; certifai console